Donan Berg Mystery Novel "A Body To Bones"

    Image of A Body To Bones paperback coverA Body To Bones, First Skeleton Series Mystery, reviewers say:
"I found myself quickly drawn into this book ... Author Donan  Berg puts within this book an interesting mix of mystery, suspense, hidden secrets, sin, deception and intrigue. ... I would strongly suggest purchasing it for gifting. This is one book that will grace my shelves for a long time to come." S.P. Sept. 2010.
"Donan Berg writes clear, consistently readable prose, and he manages to create a winning character in Sarah Hamilton. ... I kept reading in order to find out what would happen to her." Writer's Digest judge, Feb. 2010.
"I enjoy them (his books). I never know the ending and that's something I like." H. B. Posted Amazon Apr. 2013
"Excellent ... well written and filled with intrigue, suspense, drama." L.C. Posted Barnes and Noble Sept. 2009.
"Berg's debut novel offers a fun adventure into the world of small town secrets." Feathered Quill Book Reviews Sept. 2009.
"A winning plot...." Kirkus Discoveries manuscript review.
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Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo Ole!
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Friday, January 2, 2015

Revised The Bones Dance Foxtrot
A revised The Bones Dance Foxtrot, Second Skeleton Series Mystery, now available at Barnes and Noble online at . Also visit, .
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Happpy New Year

Happy New Year 2015. Please note the above telephone number 563-424-2172 is no longer functional. won't allow an editing change. The same is true for . Any visit to this site, i.e., , will generate an error message. Sorry for the inconvenience. Visit Author Donan Berg at . 

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Author Donan Berg Praised on Twitter
Author Donan Berg praised on Twitter for his writing of mystery and romance. The Twitter post of Leslie Moon stated: Gotta love #mystery #romance and Donan pulls an impressive punch in both. #ww
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Donan Berg New Blog Post
Author Donan Berg today posts a new blog article. Find it at .
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"I never know the ending and that's something I like." Amazon reviewer 
"Winning character in Sarah Hamilton ..."
Writers' Digest judge
Author Donan Berg's Debut Murder/Mystery Novel

  Respected, church-going Sarah Hamilton anguished for a decade with an emotional skeleton. 
  When a real human skeleton is found in her midwest town's old factory, Sarah is caught not only with the prospect of her secret past becoming town gossip, but of having her husband and adopted daughter drawn into solving the ten-year mystery of A Body to Bones.

  One clue, surmised to be scratches by the skeleton before dying, implicates more than one resident in Sarah's town of 842, where her husband publishes the Pioneer Ledger.  Gossip, missing money, tension, and real peril exist when Sarah finds out the real killer still resides in town ready to kill again.
  And it could be her.

  A Body To Bones is a First Skeleton Series Mystery.
      Debut Novel of Author Donan Berg
     Available Now - 236 Pages
     Paperback ($12.95) for order through this website.
     Hardcover Casebound ($28.95) and E-book ($6.95)
     Prices do not include shipping/handling. No shipping charge for E-book.
     Also available for Amazon's Kindle ($6.95) and from your library with a subscribtion to Overdrive. Later Donan Berg novels also available through Overdrive at selected libraries. Visit for Adolph's Gold sample.
     Feathered Quill Book Reviews has awarded Five Stars to Donan Berg's second novel, The Bones Dance FoxtrotRead review at  along with A Body To Bones review. Both in the mystery section.
     Here's sample of what the review said about The Bones Dance Foxtrot:
      Five Star Review - The Bones Dance Foxtrot
The Bones Dance Foxtrot, a Second Skeleton Series Mystery, by author Donan Berg has received a five star spotlight review by Feathered Quill Book Reviews.  Read the complete review by Will Gabbert at  The reviewer, Feathered Quill Book Reviews, has received the 2009  Writers Choice Award  sponsored by Writer Watchdog.

A multi-starred review also appears at .

Quill said in summary: "If you enjoy a good murder mystery with twists, turns, false leads, a little gambling, betrayal, clues left in the unlikeliest of places and a hidden stash of bank loot, then pick up a copy of The Bones Dance Foxtrot.

The review continued:  "Author Donan Berg spins a twisted plot of murder, suspicion, multiple clues and budding romance in The Bones Dance Foxtrot. Berg takes the time to introduce the reader to Jake Brown, with all his insecurities and problems,and builds him into a character that the reader cares about. The other main characters involved in the mystery, Emily, Kate, Patricia, Clem, and even Chief R. P. Coltraine have distinct personalities. The locales, too, come to life as places like the diner, Sadie's, with plates clanking and the aroma of the day's specials drifting through the air.

"The police and detectives who are working to solve the case are given almost as much attention as the lead characters and it's fun to go back and forth between their investigative work, false leads, and guess work and then follow Jake and his friends.

"The reader may believe that all is solved well before the end of The Bones Dance Foxtrot, but rest assured, the author has a few more tricks up his sleeve."

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